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August Escape Room Coupons and Promotions

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Visit our website frequently for Billings Escape Room coupons and promotions to give you a better deal. Coupons can be used on our escape room online booking page.

Escape Room Coupons and Promotions (expires 9/2017)

  • Free Birthday T-Shirts: Bring your birthday group to the Billings Escape Room and the birthday person gets a free t-shirt! To receive your shirt enter the birthday person’s name and shirt size in the details when you book your game (or email us before the game).
  • Family Fun Mondays: Tickets are $1 off every Monday night from 5:00 – 9:00. Use coupon code: FamilyFun0817
  • $2 off Tuesdays: Tickets are $2 off every Tuesday night from 5:00 – 9:00. Use coupon code 2Tues0817
  • Corporate and large group rates: Do you have a large group that wants to come to the Billings Escape Room? Contact us and we can discuss special options.

Check back later for more great deals and promotions!

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